Le Petit Jardin - French Immersion for Toddlers & Children
Bonjour and thank you for your interest!

Le Petit Jardin is a unique French immersion preschool program in a nurturing, stimulating fun French environment.! Tots ages 2 years through Pre-K ages enjoy educational fun and games combined with language and cultural experiences in French!
 LE PETIT JARDIN IS CURRENTLY CREATING A WAITLIST for our first class of students to begin later this year!! Facility #  214005353 (pending licensing approval for Fall 2015)
Thank you for your interest. Please join our mailing list for events, classes and/or availability.
A typical Tot morning at Le Petit Jardin...
9:00 -9:15- Student drop-off and morning greetings
9:15 -9:30- Manipulative Stations and play time
9:30 -10:00- Rassemblement; "Bonjour" to one another , Group singing and dancing exercises.
10:00 -10:20- Snack Time
10:20 -11:00- "Play and Learn"; At this time students choose their play -indoor or outdoor- while the teacher finds learning opportunities therein. Ex.  If they are choosing books it can become storytime, playing in the pretend kitchen is a time to build on a particular area of vocabulary, building with blocks can introduce numbers and/or colors, and puppet play is a foundation for any number of "petites leçons" to come to life...the children are the guides during this segment. Following their lead points to real and meaningful learning experiences.
11:00 -12:00- Guided Activity; This time is usually dedicated to an art or craft expression that builds on a particular  lesson or concept the children have been exploring.
12:00 -12:30- Déjeuner; Children sit down together at the table to enjoy a nutritious lunch. Early age table manners are introduced and encouraged.
12:30 -1:00- Free Play and student pick-up
Au revoir!
A nutritious snack  is served each day and included in tuition costs.
**Extra fees may apply for optional fieldtrips.
There is a one-time $100 registration fee.
Please contact us for schedule availability.
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